Thurdsay, Aug 8th 2013 (Day 3)
08:30 - 09:20
Hall #2
Mary-Anne Williams
Invited talk"Soft Robotics" -- the next generation of intelligent machinesRolf Pfeifer
09:20 - 09:45
Hall #2
Francesca Rossi
Competitions' awardsBest videos and award ceremony for video competition
Room 307AI Access Books launchToby Walsh
09:45 - 10:15
Coffee Break
10:15 - 11:05
Hall #2
David Poole
Invited talkLearning as program inductionJoshua Tenenbaum
11:10 - 12:00
Hall #2
Craig Knoblock, Introduced by Gerhard Lakemeyer
IJCAI-13 Award for Research ExcellenceOn our Best BehaviourHector Levesque
12:45 - 13:30
Room 305CDIJCAI Annual Business Meeting (open to all)
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:15
Room 201CD

Session Chair: Alessandro Sperduti
Best Papers 6
RecSys 2012: CLiMF: Collaborative Less-is-More Filtering Yue Shi, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Linas Baltrunas, Martha Larson, Nuria Oliver and Alan Hanjalic
ACL 2012: Statistical Parsing with Probabilistic Symbol-Refined Tree Substitution Grammars Hiroyuki Shindo, Yusuke Miyao, Akinori Fujino and Masaaki Nagata
ACL 2012: An Introduction to String Re-Writing Kernel Fan Bu, Hang Li and Xiaoyan Zhu
RecSys 2011: Collaborative Filtering on Ordinal User Feedback Yehuda Koren and Joseph Sill
Room 305AB

Session Chair: Luc De Raedt
Uncertainty in AI 1
Probabilistic Reasoning with Undefined Properties in Ontologically-Grounded Belief Networks Chia-Li Kuo, David Buchman, Arzoo Katiyar, David Poole
The Inclusion-Exclusion Rule and its Application to the Junction Tree Algorithm David Smith, Vibhav Gogate
Probabilistic Constraint Logic Programming Steffen Michels, Arjen Hommersom, Peter Lucas, Marina Velikova, Pieter Koopman
An Exact Algorithm for Computing the Same-Decision Probability Suming Chen, Arthur Choi, Adnan Darwiche
Room 307

Session Chair: Carles Sierra
Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems 1
Group Preference based Bayesian Personalized Ranking for One-Class Collaborative Filtering Weike Pan, Li Chen
Social Collaborative Filtering by Trust Bo Yang, Yu Lei, Dayou Liu, Jiming Liu
Promoting Diversity in Recommendation by Entropy Regularizer Lijing Qin, Xiaoyan Zhu
Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering via Bilinear Multilevel Analysis Liang Hu, Jian Cao, Guandong Xu, Jie Wang, Zhiping Gu
Room 203AB

Session Chair: Ulle Endriss
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems 7
Are there any nicely structured preference profiles nearby? Robert Bredereck, Jiehua Chen, Gerhard J. Woeginger
Multi-winner Social Choice with Incomplete Preferences Tyler Lu, Craig Boutilier
How to Persuade a Group to Change its Collective Decision? Noam Hazon, Raz Lin, Sarit Kraus
Proportional Representation Under Preferences That Are Single-peaked on a Tree Lan Yu, Hau Chan, Edith Elkind
Room 305CD

Session Chair: Carla Gomes
AI and Computational Sustainability 1
Outstanding student paper: A Hidden Markov Model-Based Cicada Detector for Crowdsourced Smartphone Biodiversity Monitoring Davide Zilli, Oliver Parson, Geoff V Merrett, Alex Rogers
Parameter Learning for Latent Network Diffusion Xiaojian Wu, Akshat Kumar, Daniel Sheldon, Shlomo Zilberstein
Optimal Pricing for Improving Efficiency of Taxi Systems Jiarui Gan, Bo An, Haizhong Wang, Xiaoming Sun, Zhongzhi Shi
Room 203CD

Session Chair: Andreas Krause
Machine Learning 6
Basic Level in Formal Concept Analysis: Interesting Concepts and Psychological Ramifications Radim Belohlavek, Martin Trnecka
Towards Understanding Global Spread of Disease from Everyday Interpersonal Interactions Sean Brennan, Adam Sadilek, Henry Kautz
Towards Robust Co-Clustering Liang Du, Yidong Shen
What Users Care about: a Framework for Social Content Alignment Lei Hou, Juanzi Li, Xiaoli Li, Jiangfeng Qu, Xiaofei Guo, Ou Hui, Jie Tang
Room 201AB

Session Chair: Piotr Faliszewski
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic 7
Iterated Boolean Games Julian Gutierrez, Paul Harrenstein, Michael Wooldridge
Transition Constraints: A Study on the Computational Complexity of Qualitative Change Matthias Westphal, Julien Hué, Stefan Wölfl, Bernhard Nebel
Combining RCC5 relations with betweenness information Steven Schockaert, Sanjiang Li
Behavioral Diagnosis of LTL Specifications at Operator Level Ingo Pill, Thomas Quaritsch
Room 311AB

Session Chair: Mary-Anne Williams
Robotics and Vision
Learning Visual Symbols for Parsing Human Pose in Images Fang Wang, Yi Li
Histogram of Oriented Displacements (HOD): Describing Trajectories of Human Joints for Action Recognition Mohammad Gowayyed, Marwan Torki, Mohamed Hussein, Motaz El-Saban
Hierarchical Object Discovery and Dense Modelling From Motion Cues in RGB-D Video Jörg Stückler, Sven Behnke
Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications
Automated Grading of DFA constructions Rajeev Alur, Loris D'Antoni, Sumit Gulwani, Dileep Kini, Mahesh Viswanathan
Robust Median Reversion Strategy for On-Line Portfolio Selection Dingjiang Huang, Junlong Zhou, Bin Li, Steven Hoi, Shuigeng Zhou
Automatically Generating Problems and Solutions for Natural Deduction Umair Ahmed, Sumit Gulwani, Amey Karkare
TutorialPlan: Automated Tutorial Generation from CAD Drawings Wei Li, Yuanlin Zhang, George Fitzmaurice
Personalized Diagnosis for Over-Constrained Problems Alexander Felfernig, Monika Schubert, Stefan Reiterer
Deep Sparse Coding based Recursive Disaggregation Model for Water Conservation Haili Dong, Bingsheng Wang
A Brain-Computer Interface to a Plan-based Narrative Stephen Gilroy, Julie Porteous, Fred Charles, Marc Cavazza, Gal Raz, Ilana Klovatch, Limor Ikar, Eyal Soreq, Udi Ben-Arie, Talma Hendler
Employing Batch Reinforcement Learning to Control Gene Regulation Without Explicitly Constructing Gene Regulatory Networks Utku Sirin, Faruk Polat, Reda Alhajj
Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search
Just-In-Time Compilation of Knowledge Bases Laurent Simon, Gilles Audemard, Jean-Marie Lagniez
Maintaining alternative values in constraint-based configuration Caroline Becker, Hélène Fargier
DeQED: an Efficient Divide-and-Coordinate Algorithm for DCOP Daisuke Hatano, Katsutoshi Hirayama
On the Complexity of Trick Taking Card Games Édouard Bonnet, Florian Jamain, Abdallah Saffidine
Selecting Algorithms by Hierarchical Clustering Yuri Malitsky, Ashish Sabharwal, Horst Samulowitz, Meinolf Sellmann
Variable Elimination in Binary CSP via Forbidden Patterns David A. Cohen, Martin Cooper, Guillaume Escamocher, Standa Zivny
On the complexity of global scheduling constraints under structural restrictions Geoffrey Chu, Serge Gaspers, Nina Narodytska, Andreas Schutt, Toby Walsh
Detecting and Exploiting Subproblem Tractability Christian Bessiere, Clement Carbonnel, Emmanuel Hebrard, George Katsirelos, Toby Walsh
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems
Why so hard to say sorry: evolution of apology with commitment in the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma The Anh Han, Luis Pereira , Francisco C. Santos , Tom Lenaerts
Endogenous Boolean Games Paolo Turrini
Coalitional Games via Network Flows Talal Rahwan, Tri-Dung Nguyen, Tomasz Michalak, Maria Polukarov, Madalina Croitoru, Michael Wooldridge, Nick Jennings
Macau: A Basis for Evaluating Reputation Systems Chris Hazard, Munindar Singh
Multi-agent Team Formation - Diversity Beats Strength? Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Albert Xin Jiang, Milind Tambe
Opponent Models with Uncertainty for Strategic Argumentation Tjitze Rienstra, Matthias Thimm, Nir Oren
Opponent Modelling in Persuasion Dialogues Christos Hadjinikolis, Sanjay Modgil, Elizabeth Black, Peter McBurney, Yiannis Siantos
Using Conditional Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Highly Competitive Negotiation taks Siqi Chen, Haitham Bou Ammar, Karl Tuyls, Gerhard Weiss
Planning and Scheduling
Maximizing Flexibility in Simple Temporal Networks Bob Huisman, Tomas Klos, Michel Wilson, Cees Witteveen
Towards a second generation random walk planner: an experimental exploration Hootan Nakhost, Martin Müller
A Monte-Carlo Approach for the Adaptive Control of Crowdsourcing Ece Kamar, Ashish Kapoor, Eric Horvitz
Isomorph-free branch and bound search for finite state controllers Marek Grzes, Pascal Poupart, Jesse Hoey
Exploring Knowledge Engineering Strategies in Designing & Modelling Road Traffic Accident Management Mohammad Shah, Lukas Chrpa, Diane Kitchin, Thomas Leo McCluskey, Mauro Vallati
Towards Practical Planning to Predict and Exploit Intentions for Interacting with Self-Interested Ag Trong Nghia Hoang, Bryan Kian Hsiang Low
Symbolic Merge-and-Shrink for Cost-Optimal Planning Álvaro Torralba, Carlos Linares López, Daniel Borrajo
Causal Belief Decomposition for Planning with Sensing: Completeness and Practical Approximation Blai Bonet, Hector Geffner
Machine Learning
Graph Classification with Imbalanced Class Distributions and Noise Shirui Pan, Xingquan Zhu
A Bayesian Factorised Covariance Model for Image Analysis Li Jun
Central Clustering of Categorical Data with Automated Feature Weighting Lifei Chen, Shengrui Wang
Learning Optimal Cepstral Features for Audio Classification Zhouyu Fu, Guojun Lu, Kai Ming Ting, Dengsheng Zhang
Large Scale Spectral Clustering on Graphs Jialu Liu
Multi-prototype Label Ranking with Novel Pairwise to Total Rank Aggregation Grbovic Mihajlo, Nemanja Djuric, Slobodan Vucetic
Manifold Alignment Based on Sparse Local Structures of More Corresponding Pairs Xiaojie Li, Jian Cheng Lv, Zhang Yi
Rank-k Feature Selection Xiao Cai, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang
Coupled Attribute Analysis on Numerical Data Can Wang, Zhong She, longbing cao
Lazy Paired Hyper-Parameter Tuning Alice Zheng, Mikhail Bilenko
Unlearning from Demonstration Keith Sullivan, Ahmed Molla, Bill Squires, Sean Luke
Domain Adaptation with Topical Correspondence Learning Zheng Chen, Weixiong Zhang
Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning with Weak Label Shu-Jun Yang, Yuan Jiang, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Persistent Homology: An Introduction and a Text Application Xiaojin Zhu
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic
Granular Description of Qualitative Change John Stell
Efficient Algorithm for the Minimal Labeling Problem of Temporal and Spatial Qualitative Constraints Nouhad Amaneddine, Jean-François Condotta, Michael Sioutis
A Strongly-Local Contextual Logic Michael Gratton
Syntactic Computation of Hybrid Possibilistic Conditioning under Uncertain Inputs Salem Benferhat, Celia da Costa Pereira, Andrea Tettamanzi
Conjunctive Regular Path Queries in Lightweight Description Logics Meghyn Bienvenu, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus
FQHT: the logic of stable models for logic programs with intensional functions Luis Fariñas del Cerro, David Pearce, Agustin Valverde
Sequence of Mechanisms for Causal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence Dash Denver, Mark Voortman, Martijn de Jongh
Answer Set Programming Modulo Theories and Reasoning about Continuous Changes Joohyung Lee, Yunsong Meng
A Cutoff Technique for the Verification of Parameterised IS with Parameterised Environments Panagiotis Kouvaros, Alessio Lomuscio
15:15 - 15:45
Coffee Break
15:45 - 17:30
Room 201CD

Session Chair: Shlomo Zilberstein
Best Thesis 2
2011ECCAI Artificial Intelligence Dissertation Award : Learning Probabilistic Models for Mobile Manipulation Robots J├╝rgen Sturm and Wolfram Burgard
AAMAS 2012IFAAMAS-11 Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award: Social Norms for Self-policing Multi-agent Systems and Virtual Societies Daniel Villatoro
AAMAS 2012IFAAMAS-12 Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award: Cultural Diversity for Virtual Characters Birgit Endrass
Room 305AB

Session Chair: Blai Bonet
Uncertainty in AI 2
Risk Estimates for Bandit Problems Jia Yuan Yu, Evdokia Nikolova
Map Matching with Multiple Route Metrics Takayuki Osogami, Rudy Raymond
Room 307

Session Chair: Carles Sierra
Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems 2
Social Spammer Detection in Microblogging Xia Hu, Jiliang Tang, Huan Liu, Zhang Yanchao
PageRank with Priori: An Influence Propagation Perspective Biao Xiang, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen, Hui Xiong, Yi Zheng
Parametric Local Multimodal Hashing for Cross-view Similarity Search Deming Zhai, Hong Chang, Yi Zhen, Xianming Liu, Wen Gao
Context-Dependent Conceptualization Dongwoo Kim, Haixun Wang, Alice Oh
Room 203AB

Session Chair: Kevin Leyton-Brown
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems 8
Revenue Maximization via Hiding Item Attributes Mingyu Guo, Argyrios Deligkas
Efficient Interdependent Value Combinatorial Auctions with Single-Minded Bidders Valentin Robu, David Parkes, Takayuki Ito, Nick Jennings
Reasoning about normative update Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, Brian Logan
Optimally Solving Dec-POMDPs as Continuous-State MDPs Jilles Dibangoye, Christopher Amato, Olivier Buffet, Francois Charpillet
Room 305CD

Session Chair: Carla Gomes
AI and Computational Sustainability 2
Bayesian Joint Inversions for the Exploration of Earth Resources Alistair Reid, Simon O'Callaghan, Edwin Bonilla, Lachlan McCalman, Tim Rawling, Fabio Ramos
Randomized Load Control: A Simple Distributed Approach for Scheduling Smart Appliances Menkes van den Briel, Paul Scott, Sylvie Thiebaux
Forecasting Multi-Appliance Usage for Smart Home Energy Management Ngoc Cuong Truong, James McInerney, Long Tran-Thanh, Enrico Costanza, Sarvapali Ramchurn
Planning with MIP for Supply Restoration in Power Distribution Systems Sylvie Thiebaux, Carleton Coffrin, Hassan Hijazi, John Slaney
Room 203CD

Session Chair: Zhi-Hua Zhou
Machine Learning 7
Multi-View Embedding Learning for Incompletely Labeled Data Wei Zhang, Ke Zhang, Pan Gu, Xiangyang Xue
The Multi-feature Information Bottleneck with Application to Unsupervised Image Categorization Zhengzheng Lou, Yangdong Ye, Xiaoqiang Yan
Bootstrap learning via modular concept discovery Dechter Eyal, Jon Malmaud, Ryan P. Adams, Joshua B. Tenenbaum
Persistent Homology: An Introduction and a Text Application Xiaojin Zhu
Room 201AB

Session Chair: Carsten Lutz
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic 8
Computing Datalog Rewritings Beyond Horn Ontologies Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Giorgos Stoilos, Boris Motik, Ian Horrocks
Most Specific Generalizations w.r.t. General EL-TBoxes Benjamin Zarrieß, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
Tractable Queries for Lightweight Description Logics Meghyn Bienvenu, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus, Guohui Xiao
Syntactic Labelled Tableaux for Lukasiewicz Fuzzy ALC Agnieszka Kulacka, Dirk Pattinson, Lutz Schröder
Machine Learning
Active Learning from Relative Queries Buyue Qian, Xiang Wang, Fei Wang, Hongfei Li, Ian Davidson
Discovering Different Types of Topics: Multi-dimensional Membership Topics Models Yun Jiang, Ashutosh Saxena
Better Generalization with Forecasts Mark Ring, Tom Schaul
Multi-Modal Image Annotation with Multi-Instance Multi-Label LDA Cam-Tu Nguyen, De-Chuan Zhan, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Euler Clustering Jian-sheng Wu, Wei-Shi Zheng, Jian-huang Lai
Adaptive thresholding in structure learning of a Bayesian network Boaz Lerner, Michal Caspi, Rafi Bojmel
Online Group Feature Selection Jing Wang, Zhong-Qiu ZHAO, xuegang hu, peipei li
Multi-view Discriminant Transfer Learning Pei Yang, Wei Gao
Shifted Subspaces Tracking on Sparse Outlier Tianyi Zhou
Dimensionality reduction with generalized linear model Mo Chen, Wei LI
Probabilistic Multi-label Classification with Sparse Feature Learning Yuhong Guo
Deep Feature Learning using Target Priors with Applications in ECoG Signal Decoding for BCI Zuoguan Wang, Siwei Lyu, Qiang Ji
Nonconvex Relaxation Approaches to Robust Matrix Recovery Shusen Wang, Dehua Liu, Zhihua Zhang
Supervised Hypothesis Discovery Using Syllogistic Patterns in the Biomedical Literature Kazuhiro Seki, Kuniaki Uehara
Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search
Improved Integer Programming Approaches for the Chance-Constrained Stochastic Programming Hiroki Yanagisawa, Takayuki Osogami
Preserving partial solutions while relaxing constraint networks Jean-Marie Lagniez, Eric Grégoire, Bertrand Mazure
Robust Constraint Satisfaction and Local Hidden Variables in Quantum Mechanics Samson Abramsky, Georg Gottlob, Phokion Kolaitis
An approach to abductive reasoning in equational logic Mnacho Echenim, Nicolas Peltier, Sophie Tourret
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems
Efficient Vote Elicitation under Candidate Uncertainty Joel Oren, Yuval Filmus, Craig Boutilier
Audience-Based Uncertainty in Abstract Argument Games Davide Grossi, Wiebe van der Hoek
Scaling-up Security Games with Boundedly Rational Adversaries: A Cutting-plane Approach Rong Yang, Albert Xin Jiang, Milind Tambe, Fernando Ordonez
Audit Games Jeremiah Blocki, Nicolas Christin, Anupam Datta, Ariel Procaccia, Arunesh Sinha
The Dynamics of Reinforcement Social Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Systems Jianye Hao, Ho-fung Leung
Learning Optimal Auction Mechanism in Sponsored Search Di He, Wei Chen, Liwei Wang, Tie-Yan Liu
Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems
Online Egocentric Models for Citation networks Hao Wang, Wu-Jun Li
Social Spammer Detection in Microblogging Xia Hu, Jiliang Tang, Huan Liu, Zhang Yanchao
Predicting Knowledge in An Ontology Stream Freddy Lecue, Jeff Z. Pan
Celebrity Recommendation with Collaborative Social Topic Regression Xuetao Ding, Xiaoming Jin, Yujia Li, Lianghao Li
Recommendation Using Textual Opinions Claudiu Cristian Musat, Yizhong Liang, Boi Faltings
A Unified Framework for Reputation Estimation in Online Rating Systems Guang Ling, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
Robust Rank-K Matrix Completion Jin Huang, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang
Listen to the Crowd: Automated analysis of Live Events via Aggregated Twitter Sentiment Yuheng Hu
Multiple Link Sign Prediction in Online Signed Social Networks Priyanka Agrawal, Vikas K. Garg, Ramasuri Narayanam
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic
An Epistemic Halpern-Shoham Logic Alessio Lomuscio, Jakub Michaliszyn
Parameterized Complexity of Optimal Planning: A Detailed Map Martin Kronegger, Andreas Pfandler, Reinhard Pichler
Knowledge Compilation for Model Counting: Affine Decision Trees Frédéric Koriche, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis, Samuel Thomas
Implicit learning of common sense for reasoning Brendan Juba
Nominal Schema Absorption Andreas Steigmiller, Birte Glimm, Thorsten Liebig
Cyclic Causal Models with Discrete Variables: Markov Chain Equilibrium Semantics and Sample Ordering David Poole, Mark Crowley
Functional Stable Model Semantics and Answer Set Programming Modulo Theories Michael Bartholomew, Joohyung Lee
Efficient Extraction and Representation of Spatial Information from Video Data Jochen Renz, Hajar Sadeghi Sokeh
Verification of Inconsistency-Tolerant Knowledge and Action Bases Diego Calvanese, Evgeny Kharlamov, Marco Montali, Ario Santoso, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov
On Condensing a Sequence of Updates in Answer-Set Programming Martin Slota, Joao Leite