Friday, Aug 9th 2013 (Day 4)
08:30 - 09:45
Room 201CD

Session Chair: Maurice Pagnucco
Best Papers 7
SAT 2012: An Improved Separation of Regular Resolution from Pool Resolution and Clause Learning Maria Luisa Bonet and Sam Buss
ICLP 2012: Satisfiability Modulo Constraint Handling Rules Gregory Duck
ICLP 2011: Optimal Valve Placement in Water Distribution Networks with CLP(FD) Massimiliano Cattafi, Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, Stefano Alvisi and Marco Franchini
Room 305AB

Session Chair: Boi Faltings
Machine Learning 8
Active Learning for Teaching a Robot Grounded Relational Symbols Johannes Kulick, Marc Toussaint, Tobias Lang, Manuel Lopes
Active Learning for Level Set Estimation Alkis Gotovos, Nathalie Casati, Gregory Hitz, Andreas Krause
Outstanding paper: Semi-Supervised Learning for Integration of Aerosol Predictions from Multiple Satellite Instruments Nemanja Djuric, Lakesh Kansakar, Slobodan Vucetic
Room 307

Session Chair: Maria Gini
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems 9
Action Translation in Extensive-Form Games with Large Action Spaces: Axioms, Paradoxes, and the Pseudo-Harmonic Mapping Sam Ganzfried, Tuomas Sandholm
Game-Theoretic Problem Selection for Tests Li Yuqian, Vincent Conitzer
Sequential Equilibrium in Computational Games Joseph Halpern, Rafael Pass
Room 203AB

Session Chair: Umberto Grandi
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems 10
Evolution of Common-Pool Resources and Social Welfare in Structured Populations Jean-Sébastien Lerat, The Anh Han, Tom Lenaerts
Journal track: Communicating Open Systems: Extended Abstract Mark D'Inverno, Michael Luck, Pablo Noriega, Juan Antonio Rodriguez Aguilar, Carles Sierra
Why so hard to say sorry: evolution of apology with commitment in the iterated Prisoner's Dilemma The Anh Han, Luis Pereira , Francisco C. Santos , Tom Lenaerts
Room 203CD

Session Chair: Alessandro Sperduti
Machine Learning 9
A KNN Based Kalman Filter Gaussian Process Regression Yali Wang, Brahim Chaib-draa
Large Scale Online Kernel Classification Jialei Wang, Steven Hoi, Peilin Zhao
Active Learning with Multi-label SVM Classification Xin Li, Yuhong Guo
Room 201AB

Session Chair: Alessio Lomuscio
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic 9
First Order-Rewritability of Atomic Queries in Horn Description Logics Meghyn Bienvenu, Carsten Lutz, Frank Wolter
Temporal Description Logic for Ontology-Based Data Access Alessandro Artale, Roman Kontchakov, Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev
Preference-based Query Answering in Datalog+/- Ontologies Thomas Lukasiewicz, Maria Vanina Martinez, Gerardo Simari
Room 305CD

Session Chair: Shiqi Zhao
Natural-Language Processing 5
A Clause-level Hybrid Approach to Chinese Empty Element Recovery Fang Kong, Guodong Zhou
Instance Selection and Instance Weighting for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification via PU Learning Rui Xia, Xuelei Hu, Jianfeng Lu, Jian Yang, Chengqing Zong
Answer Extraction from Passage Graph for Factoid Question Answering Hong Sun, Nan Duan, Yajuan Duan, Ming Zhou
Multidisciplinary Topics And Applications
Probabilistic Equivalence Verification Approach for Automatic Mathematical Solution Assessment Minh Luan Nguyen, Siu Cheung Hui, Alvis C.M. Fong
Protein Function Prediction via Laplacian Network Partitioning Incorporating Function Category Correlations Hua Wang, Heng Huang, Chris Ding
Misleading Opinions Provided by Advisors: Dishonesty or Subjectivity Hui Fang, Yang Bao, Jie Zhang
How to predict human strategic decisions using facial expressions Noam Peled, Moshe Bitan, Joseph Keshet, Sarit Kraus
Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search
Breaking Symmetries in Graph Representation Michael Codish, Alice Miller, Patrick Prosser, Peter Stuckey
On Computing Minimal Correction Subsets Joao Marques-Silva, Federico Heras, Mikolas Janota, Alessandro Previti, Anton Belov
Dominance Rules for the Choquet Integral in Multiobjective Dynamic Programming Lucie Galand, Julien Lesca, Patrice Perny
Weight-Enhanced Diversification in Stochastic Local Search for Satisfiability Thach-Thao Duong, Duc Nghia Pham, M.A.Hakim Newton, Abdul Sattar
Constraint Acquisition via Partial Queries Christian Bessiere, Remi Coletta, Emmanuel Hebrard, George Katsirelos, Nadjib Lazaar, Nina Narodytska, Claude-Guy Quimper, Toby Walsh
A Tree-based Tabu Search for the Manpower Allocation Problem with Time Windows and Job-Teaming Const Yilin Cai, Zizhen Zhang, Songshan Guo, Hu Qin, Andrew Lim
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems
Elicitation and Approximately Stable Matching with Partial Preferences Joanna Drummond, Craig Boutilier
An Efficient Vector-Based Representation for Coalitional Games Long Tran-Thanh, Tri-Dung Nguyen, Talal Rahwan, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings
Defender (Mis)coordination in Security Games Albert Xin Jiang, Ariel Procaccia, Yundi Qian, Nisarg Shah, Milind Tambe
Computational Analysis of Connectivity Games with Applications to Terrorist Networks Tomasz Michalak, Talal Rahwan, Piotr Szczepanski, Oskar Skibski, Ramasuri Narayanam, Nick Jennings, Michael Wooldridge
An Intelligent Broker Agent for Energy Trading: an MDP Approach Rodrigue Talla Kuate, Minghua He, Maria Chli, Hai Wang
A Framework to Choose Trust Models for Different E-Marketplace Environments Athirai A. Irissappane, Siwei Jiang, Jie Zhang
Automated Generation of Interaction Graphs for Value-Factored Decentralized POMDPs William Yeoh, Akshat Kumar, Shlomo Zilberstein
Planning and Scheduling
Fair LTL Synthesis for Non-Deterministic Systems using Strong Cyclic Planners Fabio Patrizi, Nir Lipovetzky, Hector Geffner
Interactive Value Iteration for Markov Decision Processes with Unknown Rewards Paul Weng, Bruno Zanuttini
Robust Optimization for Hybrid MDPs with State-dependent Noise Zahra Zamani, Scott Sanner, Karina Valdivia Delgado, Leliane Barros
Getting the Most Out of Pattern Databases for Classical Planning Florian Pommerening, Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert
An Admissible Heuristic for SAS Planning Obtained from the State Equation Blai Bonet
Continuously Relaxing Over-constrained Conditional Temporal Problems Peng Yu, Brian Williams
Machine Learning
Efficient Kernel Learning from Side Information Using ADMM En-Liang Hu, James Kwok
A Lossy Counting Based Approach for Learning on Streams of Graphs on a Budget Giovanni Da San Martino, Nicolò Navarin, Alessandro Sperduti
Concept Learning for Cross-domain Text Classification: a General Probabilistic Framework Fuzhen Zhuang, Ping Luo, Peifeng Yin, Qing He, Zhongzhi Shi
Online Community Detection for Very Large Complex Networks Pan Gang, Wangsheng Zhang, Shijian Li
Low-Rank Coding with b-Matching Constraint for Semi-supervised Classification Sheng Li, Yun Fu
Multi Class Learning with Individual Sparsity Ben Zion Vatashsky, Koby Crammer
Adaptive error-correcting output codes Guoqiang Zhong, Mohamed Cheriet
Learning Canonical Correlations of Paired Tensor Sets via Tensor-to-Vector Projection Haiping Lu
Sparse Reconstruction for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Ke Zhang, Wei Zhang, Yingbin Zheng, Xiangyang Xue
Manifold Alignment Preserving Global Geometry Chang Wang, Sridhar Mahadevan
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic
Multi-agent Epistemic Explanatory Diagnosis via Reasoning about Actions Quan Yu, Ximing Wen, Yongmei Liu
Bounded Epistemic Situation Calculus Theories Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lespérance, Fabio Patrizi
Multi-Agent Subset Space Logic Yi Wang, Thomas Ågotnes
Action Language BC: Preliminary Report Joohyung Lee, Vladimir Lifschitz, Fangkai Yang
Decidable Reasoning in a Logic of Limited Belief with Introspection and Unknown Individuals Gerhard Lakemeyer, Hector Levesque
Exchanging OWL 2 QL Knowledge Bases Marcelo Arenas, Elena Botoeva, Diego Calvanese, Vladislav Ryzhikov
Semiring Labelled Decision Diagrams, Revisited: Canonicity and Spatial Efficiency Issues Hélène Fargier, Pierre Marquis, Nicolas Schmidt
Natural-Language Processing
Fusion of Word and Letter Based Metrics for Automatic MT Evaluation Muyun Yang, Junguo Zhu, Sheng Li, Tiejun Zhao
Crowdsourcing-supported Query Structure Interpretation Jun Han
Modeling Lexical Cohesion for Document-Level Machine Translation Deyi Xiong, Guosheng Ben, Min Zhang, Yajuan Lv, Qun Liu
Identifying Useful Human Feedback from an On-line Translation Service Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, lluis marquez, Carlos A. Henríquez Q., Formiga Lluís
Joint and Coupled Bilingual Topic Model Based Sentence Representations for Language Model Adaptation Shixiang Lu, Xiaoyin Fu, Wei Wei, Bo Xu
09:45 - 10:15
Coffee Break
10:15 - 12:00
Room 201CD

Session Chair: Umberto Grandi
Best Papers 8
JELIA 2012: The complexity of one-agent refinement modal logic Laura Bozzelli, Hans van Ditmarsch and Sophie Pinchinat
JELIA 2012: Using Strategic Logics to Reason about Agent Programs Nitin Yadav and Sebastian Sardina
CHI 2013: At Home with Agents: Exploring Attitudes Towards Future Smart Energy Infrastructures Tom A. Rodden, Joel E. Fischer, Nadia Pantidi, Khaled Bachour and Stuart Moran
TARK 2013: Language-based Games (Extended Abstract) Adam Bjorndahl, Joseph Halpern and Rafael Pass
Room 305AB

Session Chair: Alessandro Sperduti
Machine Learning 10
Shifted Subspaces Tracking on Sparse Outlier Tianyi Zhou
Dimensionality reduction with generalized linear model Mo Chen, Wei LI
Probabilistic Multi-label Classification with Sparse Feature Learning Yuhong Guo
Deep Feature Learning using Target Priors with Applications in ECoG Signal Decoding for BCI Zuoguan Wang, Siwei Lyu, Qiang Ji
Room 307

Session Chair: Jimmy Lee
Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search 6
Improved Integer Programming Approaches for the Chance-Constrained Stochastic Programming Hiroki Yanagisawa, Takayuki Osogami
Journal track: On the Approximation Ability of Evolutionary Optimization with Application to Minimum Set Cover: Extended Abstract Yang Yu, Xin Yao, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Room 203AB

Session Chair: Milind Tambe
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems 11
Audience-Based Uncertainty in Abstract Argument Games Davide Grossi, Wiebe van der Hoek
Scaling Up Joint Activity Based Security Games Eric Shieh, Manish Jain, Albert Xin Jiang, Milind Tambe
Scaling-up Security Games with Boundedly Rational Adversaries: A Cutting-plane Approach Rong Yang, Albert Xin Jiang, Milind Tambe, Fernando Ordonez
Audit Games Jeremiah Blocki, Nicolas Christin, Anupam Datta, Ariel Procaccia, Arunesh Sinha
Room 305CD

Session Chair: Boi Faltings
Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems 3
Robust Rank-K Matrix Completion Jin Huang, Feiping Nie, Heng Huang
Listen to the Crowd: Automated analysis of Live Events via Aggregated Twitter Sentiment Yuheng Hu
Multiple Link Sign Prediction in Online Signed Social Networks Priyanka Agrawal, Vikas K. Garg, Ramasuri Narayanam
Journal track: YAGO2: A Spatially and Temporally Enhanced Knowledge Base from Wikipedia: Extended Abstract Johannes Hoffart, Fabian M. Suchanek, Klaus Berberich, Gerhard Weikum
Room 203CD

Session Chair: Qiang Yang
Machine Learning 11
Nonconvex Relaxation Approaches to Robust Matrix Recovery Shusen Wang, Dehua Liu, Zhihua Zhang
Journal track: Learning Qualitative Models from Numerical Data: Extended abstract Jure Zabkar, Martin Mozina, Ivan Bratko, Janez Demšar
Supervised Hypothesis Discovery Using Syllogistic Patterns in the Biomedical Literature Kazuhiro Seki, Kuniaki Uehara
Room 201AB

Session Chair: Maurice Pagnucco
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic 10
An Epistemic Halpern-Shoham Logic Alessio Lomuscio, Jakub Michaliszyn
Parameterized Complexity of Optimal Planning: A Detailed Map Martin Kronegger, Andreas Pfandler, Reinhard Pichler
Knowledge Compilation for Model Counting: Affine Decision Trees Frédéric Koriche, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis, Samuel Thomas
Implicit learning of common sense for reasoning Brendan Juba
Uncertainty in AI
A Consensual Linear Opinion Pool Arthur Carvalho, Kate Larson
A Generalization of SAT and #SAT for Policy Evaluation Erik Zawadzki, Andre Platzer , Geoffery Gordon
Value of Information with Streaming Evidence Stephanie Rosenthal, Dan Bohus, Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz
Utilizing Workers' Self-reported Confidence to Integrate Multiple Crowdsourced Labels Satoshi Oyama, Yukino Baba, Yuko Sakurai, Hisashi Kashima
Risk Estimates for Bandit Problems Jia Yuan Yu, Evdokia Nikolova
Web and Knowledge-based Information Systems
Exploiting Local and Global Social Context for Recommendation Jiliang Tang, Huiji Gao, Huan Liu, Xia Hu
Where You Like to Go Next: Successive Point-of-Interest Recommendation Chen Cheng, Haiqin Yang, Michael R. Lyu, Irwin King
Automatic Name-Face Alignment to Enable Cross-Media News Retrieval Yuejie Zhang
Retweet Behavior Understanding through Influence Locality Analysis zhang jing, biao liu, Ting Chen, Jie Tang
Synthesizing Union Tables from the Web Xiao Ling, Alon Halevy, Fei Wu, Cong Yu
PageRank with Priori: An Influence Propagation Perspective Biao Xiang, Qi Liu, Enhong Chen, Hui Xiong, Yi Zheng
Parametric Local Multimodal Hashing for Cross-view Similarity Search Deming Zhai, Hong Chang, Yi Zhen, Xianming Liu, Wen Gao
Context-Dependent Conceptualization Dongwoo Kim, Haixun Wang, Alice Oh
Agent-based and Multi-agent Systems
Revenue Maximization via Hiding Item Attributes Mingyu Guo, Argyrios Deligkas
Efficient Interdependent Value Combinatorial Auctions with Single-Minded Bidders Valentin Robu, David Parkes, Takayuki Ito, Nick Jennings
Reasoning about normative update Natasha Alechina, Mehdi Dastani, Brian Logan
Optimally Solving Dec-POMDPs as Continuous-State MDPs Jilles Dibangoye, Christopher Amato, Olivier Buffet, Francois Charpillet
A matroid approach to the worst case allocation of indivisible goods Laurent Gourvès, Jérôme MONNOT, Lydia Tlilane
Sufficient Plan-Time Statistics for Decentralized POMDPs Frans Oliehoek
A Reputation Management Model for Resource Constrained Trustee Agents Han Yu, Miao Chunyan, Bo An
AI and Computational Sustainability Special Track
Information fusion based learning for frugal traffic state sensing Vikas Joshi, Nithya Rajamani, Takayuki Katsuki, Naveen Prathapaneni, L V Subramaniam
Assessing the resilience of bilingual societies: coupling viability and active learning with kd-tree Isabelle Alvarez, Ricardo de Aldama, Sophie Martin, Romain Reuillon
An Active Learning Approach to Home Heating in the Smart Grid Mike Shann, Sven Seuken
Bayesian Joint Inversions for the Exploration of Earth Resources Alistair Reid, Simon O'Callaghan, Edwin Bonilla, Lachlan McCalman, Tim Rawling, Fabio Ramos
Randomized Load Control: A Simple Distributed Approach for Scheduling Smart Appliances Menkes van den Briel, Paul Scott, Sylvie Thiebaux
Forecasting Multi-Appliance Usage for Smart Home Energy Management Ngoc Cuong Truong, James McInerney, Long Tran-Thanh, Enrico Costanza, Sarvapali Ramchurn
Machine Learning
A Probabilistic Approach to Latent Cluster Analysis Xie Zhipeng, Rui Dong, Zhengheng Deng, Zhenying He, Weidong Yang
Hartigan's K-means vs. Lloyd's K-means -- is it time for a change? Noam Slonim, Ehud Aharoni, Koby Crammer
Outstanding paper: Semi-Supervised Learning for Integration of Aerosol Predictions from Multiple Satellite Instruments Nemanja Djuric, Lakesh Kansakar, Slobodan Vucetic
Multi-View Embedding Learning for Incompletely Labeled Data Wei Zhang, Ke Zhang, Pan Gu, Xiangyang Xue
The Multi-feature Information Bottleneck with Application to Unsupervised Image Categorization Zhengzheng Lou, Yangdong Ye, Xiaoqiang Yan
On Robust Estimation of High Dimensional Generalized Linear Models Eunho Yang, Ambuj Tewari, Pradeep Ravikumar
Accurate Probability Calibration for Multiple Classifiers wenliang Zhong, James Kwok
Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Logic
Computing Datalog Rewritings Beyond Horn Ontologies Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Giorgos Stoilos, Boris Motik, Ian Horrocks
Most Specific Generalizations w.r.t. General EL-TBoxes Benjamin Zarrieß, Anni-Yasmin Turhan
Tractable Queries for Lightweight Description Logics Meghyn Bienvenu, Magdalena Ortiz, Mantas Simkus, Guohui Xiao
Syntactic Labelled Tableaux for Lukasiewicz Fuzzy ALC Agnieszka Kulacka, Dirk Pattinson, Lutz Schröder
A Classification of First-Order Progressable Action Theories in Situation Calculus Fabio Patrizi, Stavros Vassos
Analogico-Deductive Generation of Gödel's First Incompleteness Theorem from the Liar Paradox John Licato, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu, Selmer Bringsjord, Michael Pomeranz, Logan Gittelson
Representation and Reasoning about General Solid Rectangles XiaoYu Ge, Jochen Renz
Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search
Three generalizations of the Focus constraint Nina Narodytska, Thierry Petit, Mohamed Siala, Toby Walsh
Crowdsourcing Backdoor Identification for Combinatorial Optimization Ronan Le Bras, Richard Bernstein, Carla Gomes, Bart Selman, Bruce van Dover
A Multi-objective Memetic Algorithm for Vehicle Resource Allocation in Sustainable Transportation Planning Hoong Chuin Lau, Lucas Agussurja, Shih-Fen Cheng, Pang Jin Tan
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 15:00
Hall #2
Stuart Russell
PanelThe Future of AI: What if We Succeed?
15:10 - 16:00
Hall #2
Carles Sierra
Supported by SINTELNET
Invited talkLogics for multi-agent systems: a critical overviewAndreas Herzig
16:00 - 16:50
Hall #2
Fei-Yue Wang
Invited talkR-calculus: A Logical Framework for Scientific DiscoveryWei Li
16:50 - 18:00
Hall #2Closing eventAward ceremony (Angry Birds, Robots, best presentation, best poster)
IJCAI 2015 presentation
Food and drinks
Francesca Rossi