TA3: Formal Concept Analysis and Beyond
Tutorialists: Sergei O. Kuznetsov and Amedeo Napoli
Website: http://ami.hse.ru/FCA-IJCAI13-tutorial/
Saturday, August 3rd, morning
This tutorial on Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) called “Formal Concept Analysis and Beyond” will introduce and make precise how FCA and variations, i.e. pattern structures and Relational Concept Analysis (RCA), can be used for knowledge and data processing. FCA provides a complete framework with well founded, efficient and practical algorithms, for dealing with heterogeneous data in many situations and application domains involving knowledge-based systems and ontology engineering (e.g. semantic web). In addition, FCA and variations are closely related to modeling, learning and classification, as well as pattern mining and association rule extraction, which are very important tasks in data processing. Accordingly, this tutorial is aimed at providing the IJCAI community a better knowledge of FCA actual capabilities and to show the high interest of FCA and its variations in knowledge and data processing.