TF4: Sentiment Mining from User Generated Content
Tutorialists: Ronen Feldman
Website: http://ronenfeldman.wordpress.com/2013/03/25/ijcai-13-sentiment-analysis-tutorial/
Monday, August 5th, afternoon
The proliferation of user generated content on the Web is driving a new wave work on the determination of user sentiment from web texts such as message boards, blogs, tweets, and Facebook status updates. Both researchers and practitioners are developing and applying new methods to determine how users feel about everything: products and politicians, friends and family, scientific articles and celebrities This tutorial will cover the state of the art in this rapidly growing area, including recent advances that combine information extraction with sentiment analysis to improve accuracy in assessing sentiment about specific entities. We will present several real world applications of sentiment analysis. Special emphasis will be given to lessons learned from years of experience in developing real world sentiment analysis systems.