Workshop description
W16: Behavior and Social Informatics and Computing (BSIC’13)
Organizers: Longbing Cao, Ee-Peng Lim, Jaideep Srivastava, Hiroshi Motoda, Irwin King and Guandong Xu
Short description:
Recent years have witnessed increasing research attention on behaviour/social-oriented analyses including behavioural and social interaction and network, behavioural/social patterns, behavioural/social impacts, the formation of behavioural/social-oriented groups and collective intelligence, and behavioural/social intelligence emergence. This trend raises the need for launching the International Workshop on Behaviour and Social Informatics and Computing (BSIC). The main aim of the proposed workshop is to continue the success and impact achieved. It will become a premier forum, in which BSIC is promoted as a serious and important research forum by its own with relevant challenging problems and emerging issues to be formally addressed, and we would like to merge the contributing taskforce from these two communities into a synergy of excellence, to create a new disciplinary area with increased scientific profile and influence.