Workshop description
W27: 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Agents in Urban Simulations and Smart Cities
Organizers: Vincent Corruble (LIP6, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France), Fabio Carrera (Worcester Polytechnic Institue, USA)
Short description:
Following up on the success of the first International Workshop on Intelligent Agents in City Simulations and Smart Cities held at ECAI 2012, we are glad to announce that the second issue will take place as an IJCAI-13 workshop, in Beijing, China. In this workshop, we intend as last year to address specific methodological and technological issues raised by the deployment of agents in rich environments such as virtual cities. We will welcome contributions tackling issues related to reactive agents, cognitive architectures, the capacity to scale up to handle thousands or hundreds of thousands of agents, the ability to simulate realistic group behaviors which might be judged non rational, etc., all in the context of urban agents. We will also welcome contributions showcasing original applications of agent and multi-agent technologies within urban simulation, be it for design, planning, education, training, or entertainment. Lastly, but importantly, we aim at reflecting IJCAI-13 general theme on sustainable development in our workshop by encouraging active researchers in this field to contribute.