Workshop description
W34: 14th International Workshop on Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR'13)
Organizers: Roie Zivan (BGU) and William Yeoh (NMSU)
Short description:
Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR) problems arise when pieces of information about variables, constraints or both are relevant to independent but communicating agents. They provide a promising framework to deal with the increasingly diverse range of distributed real-world problems emerging from the evolution of computation and communication technologies. The new challenges posed by solving Distributed Constraint Reasoning Problems include dealing with resource restrictions (such as limits on time and communication), privacy requirements, exploiting opportunities for cooperation, and designing conflict resolution strategies. The workshop addresses modeling, formulation and solution of Distributed Constraint Reasoning problems, including both Distributed Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization Problems. The workshop encourages submissions on all topics related to Distributed Constraint Reasoning, including (but not limited to) the following: - unified frameworks for distributed constraint reasoning - complete and incomplete algorithms for solving distributed constraint reasoning problems - privacy issues in distributed constraint reasoning - problem solving in systems with self-interested agents - negotiation among self-interested agents - distributed constraint propagation and consistency - generation and formulation/modeling of distributed constraint reasoning - applications of distributed constraint reasoning