Workshop description
W06: Workshop on Semantic Cities
Organizers: Freddy Lecue, Biplav Srivastava and Zaiqing Nie
Short description:
In a Semantic City, available resources are harnessed safely, sustainably and efficiently to achieve positive, measurable economic and societal outcomes. Enabling City information as a utility, through a robust (expressive, dynamic, scalable) and (critically) a sustainable technology and socially synergistic ecosystem could drive significant benefits and opportunities. Data (and then information and knowledge) from people, systems and things is the single most scalable resource available to City stakeholders to reach the objective of semantic cities. We encourage submissions that show the relevance or application of AI technologies for computational sustainability domains. Apart from focus on foundational technologies for semantic cities (information management, knowledge management, ontology, inference model, data integration), we want to promote illustrative use-cases using the semantic cities foundation.