Workshop description
W07: Workshop on AI Problems and Approaches for Intelligent Environments
Organizers: Sebastian Bader, Anika Schumann and Stephan Sigg.
Short description:
Researchers in the area of intelligent environments (IE) try to embed intelligence into everyday working and living spaces. To reach this goal they investigate options to integrate smart technologies into ordinary objects within the environment or by controlling the available infrastructure in some clever way. The scale of tackled environments ranges from single rooms up to complete houses and whole cities. The ultimate goal is the creation of environments which support their users proactively and optimise themselves, for example, with respect to energy usage. Advances in the area of artificial intelligence as well as in computer science in general should already enable researchers to build truly intelligent environments. In the last decade, numerous projects in industry and academia have targeted at providing intelligent environments and produced an impressive count of showcase-rooms or even buildings. Researchers from diverse disciplines, most notably pervasive computing, have been attracted by the chances and challenges in applying AI in IEs. However, so far most intelligent environments are not yet intelligent from an AI perspective, but only instrumented environments providing some intelligent interaction modalities or support for maintenance tasks. With this workshop we aim at bridging the gap between AI researchers and developers of intelligent environments in various disciplines. We provide a forum for discussion between the different communities. The workshop organisers are active within the three communities brought together by the workshop and will each work to attract researchers from their respective area. The aim of the workshop and its organisers is to identify jointly with the workshop participants collaboration opportunities and establish an interdisciplinary platform to exchange experiences and methods to tackle relevant open aspects at the intersection of intelligent environments, artificial intelligence and pervasive computing.